Have you got weak buttocks?

Do you suffer from Back Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain or Heel Pain? You might have weak buttocks!

Researchers in Australia & New Zealand have recently completed a literature review of the available information on the Gluteus Medius (buttock) muscle.

Their findings confirm the clinical experience of our practitioners at OHG. Weakness in this small but very important hip muscle can lead to pain over the lower back, buttock area, outside part of your thigh and lower leg, knee joint and your heel.

Weakness can occur from habitually standing on one leg, sleeping on your side and less likely causes such as tearing of the muscle due to trauma and congenital hip dislocation.

As osteopaths we routinely check buttock muscle strength as part of our physical examination. If you suffer from pain over the lower back, thigh or lower leg, knee or heel, you may have a weakness in a buttock muscle. We can treat this weakness using specific exercises to retrain the muscle and address the faulty biomechanics that are associated with the weakness.

Please call the clinic and make an appointment to consult one of our osteopaths to start your recovery.

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